Yaser Kassab is an award-winning filmmaker and producer from Syria based in Stockholm. He holds a master’s degree in film from Gothenburg University.

Yaser is known for ‘On the Edge of Life’  which premiered at Cinema du Reel Film Festival 2017 and earned the Joris Ivens and CNAP award as the best first film. At Festival dei Popoli, it gained the best mid-length documentary award and a further award.
In 2019, his film ‘I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All’ premiered at Vision du Reel. Both films were screened at many festivals, including IDFA, RIDM, Tempo, Carthage, and Cairo. Through this film trilogy, we see the different episodes of the Syrian tragedy through the personal lens. 

In his artistic practice Yaser Kassab focuses on exploring cinematic ways of counter image-making through a decolonial approach. In his work he aims to encourage rethinking the predominant representation of people of colour in the Swedish media.

His films produced by Zenloop productions, a production house founded in 2014 by Yaser and and Rima Alhamedd, the company. 


- “I have seen nothing, I have seen all” 20Min documentary 2019
Premiered at the 50th edition of Vision du reel film festival 2019 Nyon, and screened at 60th edition of festival dei popoli, Carthage, Cairo, and Open city film festival, London shorts, Toronto Arab film festival,
Leiden Shorts, Sharjah art foundation

Best short documentary, Sharjah film platform.

-“On the edge of life" 45Min, documentary 2017
Premiered at the 39th edition of Cinema du reel film festival paris, and officially selected at many other prestigious film festivals like, festival dei popoli, IDFA, RIDM, Tempo.
Awards: Joris Ivens / Cnap award as the best first film at the 39th edition of cinema du reel.
Best mid-length documentary at the 58th edition of Festival dei Popoli.
Best documentary and best mid-length documentary at the 15th edition of Tirana Film Festival. The jury prize at the 13th edition of festival du Film de Famille,Paris.

-" Mixed media" 5Min, video art 2016
premiered at Independent Days 17| International Film Festival, Germany.

-“Take it ” 1Min
video art 2012 Screened at many festivals in the USA and Europe


-Through Solidarity, We Survive' initiative:
Coculture and Artist Training are also presenting the selected artwork in a Berlin city campaign. The posters will be hung throughout the city (e.g., windows, balconies, billboards, walls, etc.).
* The posters will also be presented in an exhibition and in a city campaign in Oslo during the Oslo World Festival from the 27th of October to the 1st of November, courtesy of Oslo World.

Chasing the dazzling light
“work on progress”
Film by Yaser Kassab

After Yaser learns that his father has an unfulfilled dream of becoming a filmmaker, he decides to make a joint film with his father that challenges the distance that separates their countries of residence—Sweden and Syria. “Chasing the Dazzling Light” thus becomes a place where family members meet.

I have seen nothing, I have seen all

Duration: 19 min documentary
Production country: Syria, Lebanon, Sweden 2019
Written & Directed by: Yaser Kassab
Producer: Mohamad Ali Atassi & Yaser Kassab 
Production company: Bidayyat for Audiovisual arts & Zenloop productions
Film editor: Rima Alhamedd
Sound Mix: Bertrand Larrieu

After talking about the end of the war in Syria and the start of the reconstruction phase, thousands of kilometers separate Yaser in Sweden from his parents in Aleppo.
When both find themselves compelled to transfer the grave of the younger brother from the public park.

Best short documentary, Sharjah film platform.

World premiere, 50th edition of Vision du reel, official competition, April 2019
Mediteran film festival
Open city documentary festival
Carthage film festival Oct 2019
Festival dei popoli Nov 2019
Escales Documentaires nov 2019
IDFA, paradox Nov 2019
Cairo international film festival
London short film festival
AFLAM 6e Rencontres Internationales de Cinéma.
PCMMO - Panorama des cinémas du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient
Toronto Arab film festival.
Leiden Shorts
Syrian Doc days, Copenhagen
Sharjah art foundation

- In Arabic

On the edge of life

Duration: 45 MIn documentary
Production country: Syria, 2017
Directed by:Yaser Kassab & Rima Alhamedd
Production company: Zenloop productions
Sound Mix: Bertrand Larrieu
Yaser transcendent from a remote and an empty rest stop in Turkey the process of mourning after losing his younger brother in Aleppo, a relationship with his father has been evolved to a strong emotional connection,  although the noisy voice calls and messages

-Joris Ivens / Cnap prix, which goes to a film of the First International Competition in Cinema du reel film festival.
-Best Mid-Lenght Documentary Award, in the 58th edition of Festival dei Popoli.
-*Best documentary and Best mid-length documentary at the 15th edition of Tirana Film Festival.
-Prix du jury du 13ème Festival du Film de Famille, Nov 2018

-World premiered, Cinema du reel film festival in the 39th edition ,Paris, March 2017,
-South America premiere , Festival EDOC - Encuentros del Otro Cine, in the16th edition, Quito, May, 2017
-Festival Silhouette, in the the16th edition, Paris, August 2017
- Italian premiere, Festival dei popoli at the 58th edition in the official selection international competition, Florence- Italy October 2017
-Official competition at the 15th edition of Tirana international film festival, Nov 2017
-Official competition at the 11th edition of Pravo ljudski film festival, Nov 2017
-Dutch premiere, IDFA in its 28th edition, paradox section, Nov 2017
-North America premiere, RIDM in it's 20th edition, Short and Medium-Length Competition, Nov 2017
-At the 18th edition of Le Mois du Film Documentaire
-Karama 8's official nominees for the Arab Network for Human Right Film Festivals (ANHAR)
-The 13th edition of Hors Pistes festival Jan 2018
-Nordic premiere at Tempo documentary film festival March, 2018
-Gabes Film Festival in the short film competition, March 2018
-Beirut art center june 2018
-Festival des cinémas arabes, documentary competition, Paris, july 2018
-BIFED - Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary, Oct 2018
-Arabisches Filmfestival, Tübingen 2018
- Le Festival du Film de Famille, Nov 2018


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